About Us
It gives us great pleasure to introduce ourselves as the local manufacturer of DURARoofing Tiles. DURA Roofing Tiles manufactured with the latest Swiss Technology out of Micro-Concrete is the best option for making temporary cum permanent Sheds or Cladding on slopping roofs. The product is best suitable for making temporary cum permanent sheds for car shed & verandah extensions. It is beautiful option for making waiting area for people or shed for Cycle, Staff cars, scooters, or shed for security post. DURA Roofing Tiles merges well with any kind of exterior be it a school complex, commercial / hospital / industrial building or residential structure, the wavy ‘S’ profile of these tiles lends aesthetic effect and improves overall roof elegance.

Owing to it availability in unlimited colors & beautiful looks, it gives you a Economical & Sturdy option for making any kind of addition to your building structure. DURA Roofing Tiles is an environmental-friendly product made from environmental- friendly raw material and production process.

DURA Concrete Tiles - An Alternate Roofing Technology DURA roofing tiles meets the growing demand for high quality roofing, cost-effective and extremely versatile roofing material, can be used on steel and wood under structure to make attractive roofs on residences, farm houses, gazebos, highway constructions (dhabas), verandahs and pavilions. In areas with heavy rainfall, tiles are used extensively for cladding material offering both waterproofing and aesthetic appeal. The Technology in India has been validated by the Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC).

DURA Roofing Tiles ProfileWe are the premiere manufacturer of high-quality concrete roofing tiles in Panchkula (HR) The first in North India to use the latest technology.The product –DURA Roofing Tiles - is now a firm favourite with houseowners, roof tilers, architects, builders and property developers in Chandigarh, Panchkula and nearby towns. Currently DURA Roofing Tiles comes with a full range of beautiful colours to suit the taste of its customers. Please feel free to explore our site and send us any comments or enquiries that you may have over our products.
The DURA Advantage:
  • Economical
  • Strong
  • Availability in Unlimited Color Shades
  • Beautiful Exterior & Finish free Interior
  • Speedy Construction (We take up projects on turnkey basis)
Superior Strength Each DURA tile weighs 2.25 kgs but within this tightly packed tiles have been tested to withstand over 80-125 kgs. Having gone through the most vigorous testing, these tiles have complied with and even surpasses the concrete tiles test.
Beauty Successful builders and developers know that a roof does more than just "cover" a house - it adds beauty and character to it. Therefore, choosing the right roof – with DURA Roofing Tiles is one of the smartest investments you can make in selling a house.

Every DURA tile's component materials are stringently chosen and vibrated for specific period, and after 24 drying, cured for 28 days in our big curing tanks,As a result, DURA tiles are smooth on the outside and impeccably hard on the inside. This smooth finish is not merely for aesthetical purposes. It is functional as it helps resist dirt and fungus growth.

Interlocking System The beauty of the DURA Tiles is more than skin deep. The innovative interlocking system prevents leakage and enhances security. The tiles is in "S" shape that will effectively drain even our worst storms and finally, we have Interlocking System to keep the water out. The Interlocking System's primary function is to keep water out by interlocking itself to the adjacent tile, because the tile interlocks with one another, it enchances security. It is almost impossible to break in from the roof by removing tiles without breaking them.

DURA is already the "crowning glory" of numerous showcase homes, schools, Govt Projects, Clubs, Mess project, Institutions and most of the communities all over Panchkula, Chandigarh, Mohali and some parts of Punjab.

Friends of The Earth Environmental friendly, recycle and green are words that DURA keeps very close to the heart. The core material used by DURA is cement, sand and stonedust (by product of stone crushers) and the production process is so which dose not lead to any environmental pollution, One cannot be more environmentally friendly than that. The irony is: DURA Roofing tiles basiclly uses Nature's best material to protect human beings against Nature's worst elements; the sun, the rain and the wind. Our concrete tile allows monetary savings, without sacrificing beauty or quality
Fire Test This tile is completely incombustible. It surpasses all tests. Tile Specification
  • Clear length of tile 488mm
  • Length after overlap 400mm
  • Clear width of tile 240mm
  • Width after overlap 200mm
  • Thickness 8 & 10 mm
  • Corrugated depth 50mm
  • Nominal weight 2.25, 2.70kg